HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER, LLC. offers a unique opportunity for Companies, Universities and wealthy Individuals to  have their name associated with the worlds only company commercial company involved in protecting the United States and the Greater Caribbean from major disasters and Electronic Pulse Weapons. 

​​HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER, LLC. is opening major centers all across the UNITED STATES and the GREATER CARIBBEAN.  These HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER, LLC. CENTERS  will make available the NAMING RIGHTS  for each center. The NAMING RIGHTS will be based the location and exposure of the center.

Each center will offer many levels of Naming Rights from Overall Defense Power Right to Solar Power Rights to DRONE Power Rights sponsorships. 

                                                                                                                               NAMING RIGHT INVESTMENT:

* DEFENSE POWER RIGHTS: This is the highest level of our Naming Rights Package. The name of the entity will be placed on all centers signage, letterhead, forms, advertising, marketing, TV ads, TV Shows and promotional assets related to all HVCC REIT SOALR DEFENSE POWER CENTERS along side HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER, LLC. and the Mall owners.

$5,000,000.00 per year.

* SOLAR POWER RIGHTS: Solar Power Rights is the second highest in our Naming Right Package. This package offers the Naming Rights Owner the RIGHT to all center signage in the region with the entity name displayed on all advertising, promotions, TV Shows, TV Ads, produced or promoted by HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER, LLC.

​$1,000,000.00 per year

* DRONE POWER RIGHTS: Drone Power Rights offer the entity advertising, promotion, TV Exposure, one 30 second spot on our affiliated HVCC UAV DRONE TECHNOLOGY GROUP, LLC. TV show DRONE TV on our syndicated TV network on TV Worldwide.

$500,000.00 per year     

​Please read our program HVCC REIT SOLAR DEFENSE POWER, LLC.  

​                                                                                                                                                                THE PROCESS

Once the contract is closed all funds are deposited into our Bank’s Escrow Accounts in the buyers account name, until we brake escrow, which means an agreed to time of build out of buildings on which the Naming Rights may be applied. This is part of the contract negotiated and signed by Honor Valor Courage Institute, Inc. and the Naming Rights Buyer. This is given to the bank under what is known as escrow instructions. The bank has no say in how this is to be executed.

These funds are made available once the buildings are built, which gives Naming Rights buyer’s the security that their investment will be secured and the Naming Rights will be applied.

Honor Valor Courage Foundation, Inc., philanthropist, endowments fellows and donors are also assure that their funds are secured and treated in the same manner when utilizing Honor Valor Courage Foundation, Naming Rights.

The bank who is selected to receive the deposits for the Naming Rights, must agree to be one of our financing sources for the project by issuing letters of credit for the project for construction and development as well as ongoing project funding and credit lines, knowing that the funds are in the escrow account in their bank and based on receiving income from the Escrow Account interest held in their bank, the interest on our endowment, money management and investment accounts they will manage for Honor Valor Courage, Inc. and Honor Valor Courage Foundation, Inc. The funds never leave the bank and Honor Valor Courage Institute, Inc. draws down through the lines of credit for the construction and operating capital requirements.

The insurance company within the chosen bank will also receive the contracts for all insurance on the campus and all contracts for additional insurance. They will also write the reinsurance and replacement cost insurance.

Thought most people are familiar with escrow when buying a home in real estate, escrow is used in many forms in business, including to hold intellectual property, source codes and internet software property. Examples include song music and lyrics, manufacturing designs and laboratory notebooks, and television and movie treatments and scripts. This is done to establish legal ownership rights, with the independent escrow agents attesting to the information's ownership, contents, and creation date.

Naming Rights are considered Intellectual Property and the Naming Rights will also be held in escrow in our bank. All Campus Names will be copy righted and trade marked by Honor Valor Courage Institute, Inc. and escrowed. Once the campus is built the Naming Rights have an Intellectual Property value in excess of ten times the value of all combined Naming Rights sold.  People simple do not understand the value of Naming Rights.

A typical Naming Rights contract is fifty plus pages in length and detailed as to each items of location, size, logos road views, etc.  The normal time line is from meeting to close typically six months to one year. One month for the MOU, two months from MOU to get agreement to move to contract talks and six months to one year close depending on size and complexity of the contract from date of agreement to move forward.  Fast Track all deals in half the time. Connections and knowledge are king in Naming Rights deals. We have all the assets to FAST TRACT all Naming Rights deals.

I have attached a copy of the SAVVIS Communication naming Rights deal for a sport stadium, to give you an idea how Naming Rights deals are written.

I am writing this not so anyone can sell Naming Rights, but so you understand what they are, the process, the complexity, and the involvement of those who do.

I will be developing on a team of specially hand selected sales executives to work on nothing but Naming Rights under my direction. I will personally work all deals developed on Naming Rights for the Rights of Honor, Honor Rights, Valor Rights and Courage Rights, Campuses.  The sales team will be responsible for sponsorships, plaques etc. sales.  They will be on a high commission pay plan.  These are very high profile sales positions, leading to career positions in Naming Rights.

As I stated Naming Rights are not a thing, they are a Business all their own.